• The Secrets of Performance Management

    1st & 2nd April 2019, The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak
    8th & 9th April 2019, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


No doubt that managing an employee’s performance can be one of the most challenging parts of any manager’s role. Often by the time that the organization’s formal performance management process commences, difficult and unproductive behaviors are already entrenched and the relationship between the manager and the employee has deteriorated.

Most managers and superiors would also agree that a conversation with an employee regarding his or her performance is the most difficult and often avoided task, especially when the employee is underperforming.

But, by applying the appropriate strategies in managing performance, there will be a higher chance that the organization will have a highly motivated workforce and teams performing to reach their objectives and goals.

This two-day highly interactive workshop will help the participants to manage performance effectively, build a high-performance culture and handle performance issues productively while complying with the Malaysian labor law’s requirements.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:


Identify key behaviors required in performance planning
Ensure that all team members understand and commit to their goals, and are clear about how their progress will
  be measured

Detect early warning signs of poor performance and what actions to be taken to get performance back on track
Comprehend motivation in the workplace and how to achieve the most from employees
Discover how to provide effective coaching and deliver constructive feedback
Learn how to manage poor performer, including taking disciplinary action and the discharge of such employee
  from the organization in accordance to the Malaysian Labor Laws


Who should attend?

Department Heads, HR Senior Managers, Managers, and Team Leaders responsible for performance management