• The Mark of a Leader

    3rd & 4th April 2019, The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak
    10th & 11th April 2019, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


If you want to be as successful as Jack Welch, Larry Bossidy, or Michael Dell, read their autobiographical advice in books, right? Wrong! Though following best practice can help in some ways, it also poses a danger. By emulating what a great leader did in a particular situation, you’ll likely be terribly disappointed with your own results. Why? Your situation is different.

For the past 100 years or more, the teaching of leadership has always revolved around conducting comparative analysis between one person and another. We approach leadership in terms of one’s qualities, characteristics and traits. We also tend to compare, copy, idolize and even specify the shape, size, depth and colour of what a perfect leader looks like!

On the contrary, leadership is never about a person; neither it is about IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ, etc. Leadership is also not so much about a particular set of characteristics or traits. These misrepresentations of the leadership concept are amongst the reason why leadership development programmes fail.

Instead, leadership is about engaging your thinking with the mind. Leadership is within our DNA, and it is more accessible to all of us than we think. As long as we have survival instincts in us, we can ALL be leaders.

Set in the background of a fast-moving world with mushrooming bombastic notions like IR 4.0, VUCAH, and AI; ‘The Mark of a Leader’ aims to give you the WHY and the HOW the leadership DNA and survival instinct in us can make us a highly proficient leader.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:


Revaluating your own personal leadership journey
You will be able to think and lead differently

Tactics to remain steadfast, grounded and measured in the face of uncertainty
Respond productively without getting side-tracked, distracted or losing your focus
Articulate your Leadership DNA
Use the past to invent the future


Who should attend?

Head of Departments, Line Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and leaders without a title