• Psychology of Communication Mastery Workshop for Executive Secretary & PA

    30th November & 1st December 2016
    Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur


Secretary and Personal Assistants (PAs) often act as the manager’s first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organisation. Often time they have to communicate with different types of people and different types of expectation from these people. While people have different styles of communication, often this will create conflict, misunderstanding and it will lead to challenge in the work environment.

This module provides a framework of psychology of communication that will transform interpersonal communications with different types of parties. It gives participants the framework to grasp the dynamics of how their actions are affecting others every day and how you can harness make small modifications that will transform teamwork, interpersonal communications, leadership and organisational effectiveness.

Directive Communication (DC) is a training and organizational development psychology that affects how people act and react in teams and how that affects individual performance. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance leaders and bring out greater individual potential. Recognized by American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP) Directive Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving personal peak performance through cultivating a superior team environment.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:

  1. • Understanding psychology of interpersonal communication and how to leverage on different styles to get the best results based on their differences
    • Become aware of how their communication will affect others, which will create an engaged environment which everyone feel supported, included and important in the organization
    • Dealing with different types of personalities and effectively communicate, especially with the superior, in a way that the message will be received positively
    • Take charge and be responsible towards personal task with the alignment towards overall organizational objectives
    • Develop an environment of positive communication and to connect with and give meaning to others at various levels of inspiration, action, clarity and emotion


    Who should attend?

    Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Departmental Secretaries, Office Managers and Office Administrators from across industries




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