• Main Conference

    5th Education Nation Conference
    Spotlight on Educators - Being the change
    25th April 2018 | Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


Educators and policy makers are constantly bombarded with new jargons in education. From blended learning, to outdoor learning, flipped learning, e-learning etc., there is always something new to adopt. Coupled with the rising of technology and modern teaching and learning tools, educators often find themselves overwhelmed with so many new stuffs to catch-up with.

On the other hand, pressing social issues such as tackling bullying in schools, graduate employability and shaping holistic graduates, are all concerns that seem to be never-ending. Things do not get much easier with new policies and government aspirations that need to be adapted systematically.

Although these are all very important issues and yet, sometimes, we forget that the fundamental element in teaching and learning is the educator him/herself. We may have all the best technologies in the world or the educator may be trained in all the best teaching and learning methodologies – which are all important, however, how the educator builds a bond and engage his/ her student, makes THE difference in the learning process.

The ‘5th Education Nation Conference’ aims to highlight how quality educators play the most significant role in a student’s learning.

Key Takeaways

• Exploring what makes a good educator
• Boosting teaching effectiveness through continuous improvement and development
• Viewing technologies as a friend rather than a foe
• Practical strategies in helping students to 'think' about their 'thinking'
• Reviewing assessment practices that evaluate teaching

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