• A New Revolution In Early Childhood Education

    6th & 7th August 2019, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


"In a rapidly changing world, knowledge is currency. It is with knowledge, science and research that we can forecast the future and set sail towards our objectives of building sustainable knowledge economies and ensuring the wellbeing of communities." Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation The Future of Knowledge: A Foresight Report, 2018

Looking towards the future horizon, we watch in awe and breath-holding anticipation the rapid unfolding of technology and its effect on our physical and psychological world. Are we prepared well-enough for our future; both our children as well as ourselves? We hear of loss of jobs and a future that is beyond our imagination.

We ask some of these questions for ourselves and for our children:

What skills must we have to stay relevant and continue to contribute?
How are we investing in our children's future with today's knowledge?

How do we translate these "lofty" ideals into practical applications that can be used on the ground?
What are the building blocks we need to have to build the solid foundation for our children's future?

The recent inclusion of "Education" in the Global Targets 2030 Sustainable Development Goals was monumental for the Education field especially so with the early childhood education world. With the shift in focus on the kinds of skills required for the 21st century market, the need to relook at how educators can work towards preparing the next generation for a successful and sustainable world. /p>

Participants can look forward to a lively and interactive two-day workshop where brain sciences are broken down into bite-sized information and turn into building blocks of knowledge. At the end of the two-day workshop, participants can expect to leave with loads of ideas that can be weaved into their current practices, with tweaks in their perception therefore their delivery.

Participants will also leave with new vocabulary that may start a new revolution in how they think about education. Participants who attend with workshop with an open-mind, can expect to float out of the sessions, beaming from ear-to-ear, refreshed with new ideas and ready to for the next-leg of their journey of educating our young.